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Greensburg Community School Corporation

The Greensburg Community School district includes three schools: Greensburg High School, Greensburg Jr. High School and Greensburg Elementary School.

The Greensburg Community Schools administration building on Westridge Parkway houses the office of long-time GCS Superintendent Tom Hunter and a small staff of administration personnel.

GCS is a community oriented public school system, nestled close to downtown Greensburg. There are 250 faculty and staff members spread across the three schools. Teachers, administrators, counselors and custodial staff serve the needs of the district’s more than 1000 students with an emphasis on family and community.

Greensburg High School boasts an enrollment of just under 650 students in grades 9-12. Class sizes are small, with a ratio of 1 teacher for every 16 students, allowing teachers to focus on the individual needs of each student, while moving the entire class forward to meet strict state academic requirements. They are accredited by the Indiana Department of Education and the North Central Association of College and Schools. Also, Greensburg High School students are eligible to attend career and technical classes at the C4 Columbus Area Career Connection located in Columbus which has programs in Agriculture, Business and Finance, Communications, Computers, Construction, Engineering, Health, Human Services, Law Enforcement, and Transportation.

GHS also provides a wide range of extra curricular activities and sports. Boys’ and girls’ basketball, baseball, football, soccer and golf, along with track and field, swimming, wrestling, cross country and golf. The school also boasts and impressive band program, both in support of the sports team and providing a focus on individual study of classical music. Greensburg High School enforces a very strict Code of Conduct for all students and has a zero tolerance attitude toward the use of drugs or alcohol by students.

Greensburg Junior High School acts as an introductory school to their esteemed high school, It prepares students for the challenges they will face as freshmen and sophomores, and further in their educational career. GJHS currently has about 500 students in grades 6-8. With a faculty of 30 teachers and administrators they have a ration of 1 teacher for every 18 students, meaning class sizes are small enough to allow each student to receive individual attention when or if they need it.

Academically the school pursues a curriculum which is rich in hands-on activities. Students excel at independent thinking and move on to high school with a high ability to process new concepts and information. But the school also boasts a high involvement in extra-curricular activity with more than 80 percent of students participating in some way in one of their many exciting sporting programs such as football, volleyball, cross country, girls’ or boys’ basketball, wrestling, swimming or track. There is also a pep band, cheerleading team and dance drill team.

Greensburg Elementary School handles all students from kindergarten through 5. They put an emphasis on family first, with regular after school activities designed to provide parents and opportunity to work side by side with their own student on special work study projects. Students GES are also introduced to their community through walking tours of downtown Greensburg and visits to the Greensburg Fire and Police departments.

A saying at Greensburg Elementary School sums up the attitude of everyone involved in the Greensburg Community School district: “Be happy where you are on the way to where you are going!”

Decatur County School Corporation

Decatur County Community School district serves families living in both the northern and southern portions of the county. The dividing line for the two districts runs more or less through the center of county but does not include students living in the city of Greensburg.

There is a North Decatur High School and a Southern Decatur High School. There is also a North Decatur Elementary School and a South Decatur Elementary School.

Recently the DCCS board of school trustees established a new set of guidelines to increase educational opportunities for students at all schools.Included in this three-step plan is an effort to create a district-wide wireless infrastructure at available all schools. Providing wireless connectivity at all school buildings will both help the educators stay better connected to one another and increase learning opportunities.

The school board is also focusing on a 1-1 initiative which will provide more personalized learning opportunities for all students in all grades. This will involve a focussed professional training course designed to help administrators and teachers hone their skills and better reach all students.

The schools have recently completed a number of new learning initiatives including new science and technology labs, enhanced building security at all schools and new bleachers and press box at the high school sports field. These are to be followed by efforts to maintain and improve all DCCS buildings to continue to provide safe and secure learning environments for children.

At both North and South Decatur elementary schools students in grades K-6 are given a wide range of course offerings that meet or exceed all Indiana state academic requirements. They also receive an introduction to their community; learn to think for themselves and develop a strong appreciation for the arts and sciences.

Students at both North Decatur Elementary School and South Decatur Elementary school also have a variety of extra curricular activities to choose from which can help supplement their education. Chief among these are art, band, choir, the annual Spell Bowl, student council and music. Once students finish their sixth year at either NDES or SDES they move on to the appropriate high school.

South Decatur High School is the smaller of the two schools in terms of student enrollment, but still offers the same amount of activities, programs and opportunities as is available at North Decatur High School. Enrollment sits at just under 500 students with a graduation rate of nearly 90 percent.

North Decatur High School has an enrollment of just over 500 students. Like its sister school to the south it offers a full range of academic opportunities to students in grades 7-12.

Students at both high schools can choose from a wide variety of participatory sports including basketball, golf and track for both boys and girls; volleyball, softball, baseball and football. Regardless which school system your child attends, either to the north or to the south, they each receive the same high level of academic opportunity couple with a community teaching culture which focuses on individual achievement and learning.

St. Mary's Catholic School

St. Mary’s School in Greensburg is proud to offer families the opportunity to send their children to a school rich in academic success but more importantly, to a school, which is Christ-centered.  At St. Mary’s School there is a strong partnership between parents, school, and church.  Students have the opportunity to experience their faith on a daily basis.

St. Mary’s School teachers and administration are dedicated to life-long learning.  In partnership with parents, the faculty and staff strive to create an environment that encourages every child to reach his or her full potential.  St. Mary’s School challenges its students, teachers, administrators, and parents to model Christian values and attitudes in their everyday living. 

The school offers many services to students such as a Preschool, Speech Therapy, School Social Worker, On-site Day Care, After-School Care, Art Teacher, Music Teacher, P.E. Teacher.  Bus service is also available to students who live in the Greensburg Community School District.  Some of the student services include field trips, intramural basketball, academic teams, math league, science fair, Little Olympics, Little Hoosiers, 6th grade band, and Mass participation. 

St. Mary’s School opens a new chapter in the fall of 2012 as students and faculty move to a newly constructed building, located at 1331E. Hunter Robbins Way, across from Mill Ridge Estates on the city’s south side. 

Information: http://www.stmarysgreensburg.com/home.html

  Education Opportunities in the Decatur County area:

Good Shepherd Christian Academy
209 W. Washington St 663-3778
Pre-K, Kindergarten and Elementary

Greensburg Community Learning Center
422 East Central 663-0712

Greensburg Elementary School
900 North Big Blue Avenue 663-8112

Greensburg High School
1000 East Central Ave 663-7176

Greensburg Junior High School
505 East Central Ave 663-7523

North Decatur Elementary School
3300 S SR 3 663-9215

North Decatur High School
3172 N SR 3 663-4204

Oldenburg Academy

PO Box 200 (One Twister Circle)
Oldenburg, IN 47036 (812) 934-4440
Providing College Preparatory Catholic
Secondary Education since 1852
South Decatur Elementary
9302 S CR 420 W 591-3115

South Decatur High School

8885 S SR 3 591-3330

St. Louis Catholic School

17 St. Louis Place
Batesville, IN 47006 (812) 934-3310

St. Mary's Catholic School
1331 E. Hunter Robbins Way (812) 663-2804

Continuing Education

There are a variety of opportunities for continuing educational pursuits for area residents, including classes conveniently located within the county, nearby in surrounding counties and even distance learning programs. From gaining a degree to learning skills that can be useful in present or potential jobs, opportunities are plentiful.

Ivy Tech State College (Columbus)   (


Purdue University College of Technology (


GED -    Steve Young  663 7176 (Greensburg High School)

               Rosalie Hooton  663 4147 (Southeastern Career Center)

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods (www.smwc.edu)

Indiana Wesleyan (www.iwuonline.com)

Southeastern Career Center (www.sccusa.org)

Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus  (www.columbus.iupui.edu/)

IUMBA   (www.columbus.iupui.edu/programs/business/mbaindex.htm)

Indiana College Network (www.icn.org)

St. Paul Christian University (www.spcu.edu)