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The Greensburg/Decatur County Chamber of Commerce is a member led organization. Established in 1906 as the Greensburg Businessmen's Association (GBA), the organization was developed to unite the businessmen in the community to work toward common interests of the business community.

Lead by an elected Board of Directors, The GBA chose to reorganize as the Greensburg Chamber of Commerce in May of 1922. At this time the group also applied for non-profit status and became incorporated.
The Chamber has worked for many years in the area to promote smart, controlled growth of business and industry.
To better define its purpose, in 1988 the Chamber reorganized and renamed itself the Greensburg/Decatur County Chamber of Commerce. This was a landmark decision by the organization by promoting growth within the community and providing support to the entire county.
Over the century, the Greensburg/Decatur County Chamber of Commerce has worked to meet the needs of our members with a wide range of services and benefits. Anticipating the future needs of our members and our community is another important part of the Chamber activities.
Through the combined efforts of our Board, Committees and general membership, the Greensburg/Decatur County Chamber of Commerce has developed a track record of economic development and service to the community that makes this a good place to live, work and do business.