• Since 1906 - The Greensburg/Decatur County Chamber of Commerce

  • The Greensburg/Decatur County Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1906, before both the Indiana Chamber of Commerce (1922) and the United States Chamber of Commerce (1912). Rooted in Greensburg, Indiana, the seat of Decatur County, the Chamber provides business services, resources and leadership for over 300 businesses throughout the county.

    The GDC Chamber is a non-profit organization, titled as a 501c6 organization which runs on a balanced budget. It is the job of the Chamber to help and assist the businesses of Decatur County, Indiana as we strive for greater economic impact and growth, allowing our families and communities opportunities through education, business, leisure and entrepreneurship.

    The Chamber is in close partnership with other key organizations such as the City of Greensburg, the Economic Development Corporation Greensburg Decatur County, the Decatur County Community Foundation, Visit Greensburg and Main Street Greensburg. We are proud to be partners with these groups as we all work together to complete projects and hold events that are for the betterment of our communities.  

    We are more than excited for the future of Greensburg and Decatur County. With great leadership in place, improvements are being made throughout our communities, families are being supported, jobs are being filled, businesses are thriving and we are here for it! Decatur County is on the move and we are proud to be a part of it!

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